Can you go a day without shoes?

"TOMS One Day without Shoes.â??

If you saw people walking around Kirksville Thursday without shoes on, there was a reason.

The National Communication Association Student Club at Truman State University is hosting its second annual â??TOMS One Day without Shoes.â??

This is the day where people around the world go barefoot to bring awareness to children's health and education.

The group asked people to donate their unwanted shoes and they would give them to the Shoeman Water project, which gives the shoes to third world countries. The organization also exports clean water to communities around the world.

â??I think a lot of people are kind of freaked out at the idea of going without shoes, but when you're out there and you're stepping on a rock or stick or something like that it really kind of hit homes for you that not everybody has a pair of shoes to wear and the majority of them are kids in third world countries,â?? said Coordinator Bethany Williams. â??The coolest thing for me is kind of knowing that every time Iâ??m walking around outside and I am stepping on something I know that I donated 30 pairs of my shoes and I know that's going to make a difference in a childâ??s life.â??

Williams said last year the group had around 100 participants and collected 250 pairs of shoes and this year they had more than 200 participants. Their goal is to collect more than 500 pairs of shoes.