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      Can you smell what Kirksville is cooking?

      ATSU students got a whiff of Kirksville and many may say it smells pretty good. Wednesday students gathered at ATSUâ??s Thompson Campus Center for the Mini Taste of Kirksville and Student Government Association Organizational Fair.

      Students are able to come and taste samples from local restaurants and learn about ATSU student organizations. Coordinator Jessica Lapinski said she still remembers the day she walked in as a first year student to the fair. â??I think it was an awesome opportunity to be able to come in and talk with all the club officers and get to learn about the clubs and get to learn about what food choices we have here in Kirksville,â?? Lapinski said. â??It's a really nice introduction into Kirksville.â??

      She said getting the fair together was a little hectic. â??Recently during the summer I was studying for boards and then I had to come back here and organize the event,â?? Lapinski said. â??So, it's been hectic. But, definitely been a great experience getting to work with all the club presidents and getting to work with the vendors.â??

      Lapinski said more than 30 clubs participated in the fair and about 16 vendors shared their delicious food.