Can your children protect themselves?

Maya McKiver, 8, defends herself from an "attacker."

Do your children know how to protect themselves if they were ever abducted? What about if they were at home and a fire started, or if they were being bullied in school? There is a program to make sure they do. It is called radKIDS. It is a safety education and personal empowerment program for kids ages 5 to 12.

Instructors go over different safety areas with students. They talk to the students about personal safety, environment safety, internet safety, abduction, bullying and fire safety. Not only do they talk about safety, they help students develop a plan.

Instructor Staci Latham said radKIDS has three principles. â??Our first principle is that no one ever has the right to hurt you, because you are special,â?? Latham said.

â??Our second principle is that you donâ??t have the right to hurt anybody else including yourself, unless, someone's trying to hurt you and then you can stop them. Our third principle is that if anyone ever tries to hurt you, trick you or make you feel uncomfortable you can tell (an adult), because it's not your fault.â??

Students are also trained with physical skills, which they are taught to use if someone ever tries to hurt them. Maya McKiver, 8, said she has been having a lot of fun learning how to protect herself in all situations.

Maya told KTVO what she learned to do if someone would try to kidnap her. â??You yell loud, hit hard, and run fast,â?? she said.

McKiver said the best part of radKIDS has been practicing her defense moves on the instructors. Latham said they will be working with students in the Kirksville R-III in the after school program during the school year. She said they will also be at the Kirksville YMCA.

To find out more information on radKIDS and how you can sign your child up click HERE.