Cancer survivors walk to celebrate life

Bonnie Beadle and Francine Emurnce were just two cancer survivors at Relay for Life on Saturday

Starting Saturday at noon, 10 teams came out to Indian Hills Community College to participate in Wapello Countyâ??s 2012 Relay for Life where numerous people walked to celebrate life.

â??I think our goal for Wapello County is just to promote and get the awareness out there and get more people involved. Cancer is, thereâ??s all different types of cancer out there. Relay supports every single type of cancer that anybody's affected by so the more people we can touch and just promote awareness is our main goal this year,â?? said Sabrina Morrison, organizer.

Celebrating being alive was what the more than 20 cancer survivors wearing purple shirts were doing on Saturday.

â??Well I think you have to keep your mind busy. I think you have to keep your body busy too. I mean I walk all the time and I do a lot of, not craft things, but I play a lot of cards and stuff like that to keep myself busy,â?? said Bonnie Beadle, survivor.

And for the Relay for Life organizers, the walk holds a special place in their hearts.

â??We actually started our team because of our grandfather and I think we have four members of our team that actually are survivors so almost half of our team has been affected by this,â?? said Andrea Grant, organizer.

The teams will be walking until midnight on Saturday night.

In addition to the walk, there are many kidsâ?? games, food and a silent auction.