Candidate running for county supervisor has a different perspective on the world

In rural Henry County sits East Grove Farms, home to the Garretson family. Since 1837 the Garretson family has called Jackson Township home; and for Kurt, he wants to continue that tradition.

Garretson is one of the youngest candidates running for county supervisor in the Hawkeye State. At the age of 29, Kurt has seen it all, in some of the most challenging parts of the world.

"Iâ??ve been in the Peace Corps in West Africa; and was teaching English in Japan. I have also worked here at Southeastern Community College with AmeriCorps, and Iâ??ve done a lot of different things. Now I am back here, making a life here, growing and farming here in southeast Iowa," said Garretson.

He believes that education is the key when it comes to growing Henry County and southeast Iowa.

"A lot of the things that I see are not only in Henry County but regional; and one of the things that is a problem throughout the United States and everywhere is getting a good education and knowing what opportunities you have; being able to go to school after high school or finding a program that is good for you if you donâ??t feel like going to a four year university," Garretson said.

One thing that Kurt stresses, is that with our technology the way it is today, and infrastructure, you can live in rural American and still have a great life.

"Southeast Iowa is a great place to raise a family, and what I want to be able to do is to show people that and get them to come here, and get younger people, and keep people in southeast Iowa, keep people right here in Henry County. When you show people that you can work here, and that you can have your students and your kids go to a smaller school where you know the teachers, where your not just a number, where you are actually in contact and you are able to contribute, that is huge and that is what families want," Garretson said.

Garretson is running against Republican Gary See and Greg Moeller, both of Mount Pleasant.

The trio will be participating in a candidate forum Wednesday at Iowa Wesleyan College.