Candidates talk it out

It was standing-room only in the Ottumwa City Council Chambers Thursday evening as the candidates for Mayor and City Council participated in a forum.

The forum, sponsored and organized by the Ottumwa League of Women Voters touched on a variety of questions for both groups.

During the council forum, topics ranged from the sewer separation project to the downtown camera system.

KTVO has a chance to speak with Jean Dell with the League of Women Voters, she was very happy with the turnout.

"We were surprised and pleased with the number of people who came to the forum tonight. It demonstrates that the citizens of this community have an interest of who represents them on the city council. They all have good questions. I was additionally impressed with research from the candidates. They have done research on issues important to them," said Dell.

Dell also stated that Americans should remember to vote on November 8th, because two days later we remember those who gave their time and their lives to make voting possible.

And just a reminder, KTVO will have complete coverage on the elections right here on Heartland and also on KTVO News at 10.