"Cantril Days" a hit

The city of Cantril had its first ever Cantril Days with this yearâ??s theme being â??Get-R-Done.â??

The festivities started on Friday night with a home cooked meal by a local family and continued throughout the weekend with bounce houses for the kids and co-ed baseball games.

All the money raised from the weekend will be going towards the Cantril Ball Park.

â??Just for upkeep, just basic upkeep. Cantril's a -- we call ourselves a small town with a big heart and they get a lot of things done here. Theyâ??re kind of a happening town,â?? said Danna Hanna, Cantril resident.

Hanna said the main goal of the weekend was to just have a good time and to make some money along the way. She added that the turnout was great and they hope to make it an annual event.