Car crash drives home sobering message to teens

Scotland County R-1 High School mock DWI crash.

Each year across the United States, hundreds of teens are killed or injured in alcohol-related accidents connected with prom and graduation night celebrations according to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration.

For many high schools across the U.S. prom is just around the corner and itâ??s probably no coincidence that April is Alcohol Awareness Month.

It was high-speed; action packed and it was made to look real.

â??It was really interesting (and) it was kind of scary, because I didn't really know what was going on,â?? mock participant Anna Hirner said.

In the parking lot of Scotland County R-1 High School was a mock DWI crash. MED club coordinator Kristin Hyde said this is the perfect time for students to experience the simulation.

â??I hope that the students come away from this realizing the impact they will make on peopleâ??s lives if they continue to text and drink and drive,â?? Hyde said.

From the sounds to the smell at the scene, the simulation felt very real.

Anna Hirner and Zach Miller played two teens who had been drinking after the prom. Miller, drinking and driving, hit the couple Elizabeth Carper and Troy Carper.

Elizabeth Carper died in the crash.

â??It was hard listening to him yelling and screaming and it almost made me want to cry, because it felt so real,â?? Carper said.

The Jaws of Life are used to take pry Hirner from the car.

â??(It was) very uncomfortable,â?? Hirner said. â??It definitely opened my eyes up to like seeing how everything works.â??

â??They handcuffed me,â?? Miller said. â??They read me my rights and then they proceeded to put in the back of the cop car.â??

Carper was taken from the scene in a body bag and placed in a hearse.

Scotland County Hospital EMS Supervisor Jason Moss said they hope students got the message.

â??We hope that we can touch the lives of these students and help save lives by doing so,â?? Moss said. Miller said this simulation has definitely changed his outlook on life.

â??It's taught me to be more careful when I'm driving,â?? Miller said. â??And, don't take things for granted.â??

Missouri Foundation for Health and Scotland County Hospital funded the simulation.