Car wreck leads to search for suspected Bloomfield drug dealer

Nathan Edward Burk, 35 (Mahaska County Sheriff's Office)

Authorities are looking for a Bloomfield, Iowa, man suspected of dealing meth.

The case started with a car wreck.

On Friday, Aug. 11, Mahaska County Sheriff's deputies responded to an accident on 278th Street.

They found a 2004 Dodge pick-up abandoned and on it's roof in creek bed.

The investigation led deputies to determine the driver was Nathan Edward Burk, 35.

During the investigation, deputies seized a quarter-pound of marijauana.

Burk was arrested and released after posting $5,000 bail.

However, the investigation into Burk continued and deputies located nearly of pound of meth amphetamine, they believe belonged to Burk.

He has been charged with Possession with Intent to Deliver, a Class "B" felony.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Burk, but as of Tuesday morning he has not been located.

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