Carbon monoxide dangers threaten the Heartland

Carbon monoxide is one of the United States' most silent killers. On average, about 400 people die every year from over-exposure of fuel-burning appliances.

The Kirksville Fire Department has provided us with symptoms and other information we must be aware of in order to prevent these accidental deaths.

â??The symptoms of carbon monoxide mimic that of a flu except you will not have a fever with the minor carbon monoxide symptoms- once we get above a hundred fifty parts per million, you will see those symptoms happen in a very short amount of time and can lead to unconsciousness and death. Typically, you will begin to see, prior to losing consciousness; you'll see a loss in your motor skills. Some of the things the people can do to ensure that they don't end up being exposed to the high levels of carbon monoxide is don't burn any gasoline appliances inside a closed structure and if you have an attached garage and you start your vehicle, pull your vehicle outside and let it warm up out there and close your garage door,â?? says Fireman James Snyder.

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