Cardinal bracelets honor Batavia Victims

Itâ??s been a little over a month since the fatal train accident in Batavia which killed two small children.

Staff at Cardinal Elementary School in Eldon would like to honor Kallie and Erica Clarkâ??s lives with a memorial on the schoolâ??s playground.

They are selling pink bracelets that say the two girlsâ?? names on them.

Kallie was a kindergartner and Erica was a preschooler at Cardinal.

The money raised from the bracelet sales will go towards purchasing two benches, each with a plaque with Kallie and Ericaâ??s names on them.

â??It's a very tough loss losing two students, a kindergartner and a preschooler, and they just had energetic personalities and it's been hard. Itâ??s been hard, but we're doing everything we can and we just hope to be able to do this to have something to hold onto their memories,â?? said Cindy Shepherd, Principal at Cardinal Elementary School.

The bracelets can be purchased for $2 at the Cardinal Elementary Schoolâ??s office.

Shepherd said she hopes to be able to purchase the two benches before the end of the school year. There will be dedication ceremony once the benches arrive.

If you would like to make a monetary donation towards the purchase of the benches, you can bring that to the schoolâ??s office, as well.