Cardinal Elementary to participate in 'Read Your Heart Out' challenge

In honor of National Young Reader's Week, the principal of Cardinal Elementary School will spend all day Thursday reading.

The event is for the "Read Your Heart Out" Principal Challenge, an annual event co-founded by Pizza Hut and the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress. Schools across the nation will participate and at Cardinal, each grade level picked a theme, such as rock star, beach or outer space, and principal Cindy Shepherd will visit each grade armed with books.

"The idea is that the principal blocks out an entire day and reads, either to kids or reads for their own enjoyment, modeling and showing kids that adults read too and you can find that enjoyment in reading," Shepherd said.

After the challenge is complete, Cardinal will send all their information to the contest and will be entered to possibly win over 100 books for the school's library. Within the district, fans of Cardinal's Facebook page can vote for the best reading theme, and the winning grade level will win a pizza party.

Students who also read a set number of minutes during the week will be entered in a drawing to win books, so as to further encourage interest in reading.