Cardinal School District raises money for 8th grade Washington D.C. trip

Cardinal School District held its 17th annual Washington D.C. fundraiser Saturday evening.

The event is used to help raise money for the Cardinal 8th graders' trip to our nation's capital.

Guests feasted on chili and vegetable soup while placing bids in a silent auction.

Each year the 8th graders take a 20-hour bus ride to D.C. and tour historical landmarks.

These include the Washington Monument, the Capitol Building, and Abraham Lincoln's cemetery

Sheila Fetter coordinates the trip.

She said it's important to give the typically non well-traveled Midwest kid a view of our nation's history.

"I want to broaden their horizons," said Fetter. "I want to let them see places that look different. They all take government in high school. If you've been there, and if you've seen those things it makes that learning come alive when they're in the classroom."

The 8th graders also spend a day at Williamsburg, Va. and Virginia Beach