Cardinal Schools celebrate student appreciation week

The Cardinal Community School District is celebrating student appreciation week with several surprises.

Teachers say this is a special week to honor and recognize students for all their hard work. Secondary Principal Jeremy Hissem served students strawberry shortcake at lunch today. He says the week is full of fun.

â??We haven't been letting the kids know what's been going on because we want them to be surprised,â?? Hissem said. â??We want them to kind of not know what's happening. They know something's gonna happen but they're not sure what. I think it just makes things more fun and they look forward to coming to school.â??

â??We had a guest speaker yesterday and the kids were really excited about that,â?? Lyndsey Noe, Cardinal Language Arts Teacher said. â??We got to go down on the floor and the whole school danced, we put a little dance move together and he was very inspiring and motivating and the kids really enjoyed that. Some things Iâ??m doing in my advisory, yesterday we tie-dyed t-shirts as an advisory kind of a group activity team building and group bonding.â??

â??They made slushies, they had a motivational speaker and all that fun stuff,â?? Brody Adam, 6th grade student said.

Students got to play dodgeball later in the afternoon. Cardinal students will celebrate grandparents day on Thursday.