Cardinal Schools to offer new summer school program

A new summer school program will be available to cardinal elementary students before too long.

Superintendent Joel Pedersen says certified teachers, college students and a local church will participate.

Living Hope Bible Church in Eldon is providing the funding and transportation for the summer school. Itâ??s for kids going into first through fifth grades.

Students are not required to attend, but it is encouraged. Some students are strongly encouraged to attend based on their test scores and grades.

The days will consist of fun math and reading lessons. Several field trips are also incentives to attend.

â??There's a lot of research about the effect that summer has on kids losing quite a bit of their math and reading achievement scores and so we're hoping to put together a plan that will keep kids from losing so much over the summer and that we don't have to do so much catching up in the fall,â?? Pedersen said.

Summer school students will still have time off during the summer. The start July 8th and runs through August 8th.