Cardinal senior will receive college degree just days before high school graduation

Katie Conger, Cardinal High School senior

Just three days before her high school graduation, 17 year-old Cardinal senior Katie Conger will receive her degree in Computer Accounting from Indian Hills Community College.

While other seniors are counting down the days until graduation â?? or what some would call freedom â?? Conger doesnâ??t have time to dwell on that. Her days are long and anything but relaxing.

â??Mondays and Wednesdays I have class eight to 10 and then I have a two hour break. So I go work with my dad and then come to Cardinal for two and a half hours. And then after that I go to work for my dad and then I have softball practice. It's hard. I don't know how I do it,â?? said Conger.

Her hard work ethic comes from working at her dadâ??s business which has carried over to her school work.

â??Yeah, because I had to work with my dad, help him out with the business, doing all the little side jobs. And now Iâ??m doing the actual job. Once I get in the groove, it's hard to stop; like I cant just lay down and have two lazy days or anything because then I get bored really easy,â?? said Conger.

Conger will be continuing her education at Kirkwood Community College in the fall attending the Administrative Assistant Program. She hopes to one day open her own business.