Cardinal students elect student with special needs prom queen

Cardinal teacher Suzanne Minor often puts a smile on Haley's face.

Cardinal High School's new prom queen was crowned on Saturday.

While Haley Cassat attends class with all the other students at school, she has special needs. Her mother says she is legally blind and also has an undiagnosed developmental disability. On Saturday, Haley's classmates named her prom queen.

"Well we've been classmates together since first grade, so it's really grown on us all," Tyler Batterson, Cardinal HS senior said. "I think we've really grown up and seen each other grow up."

"It was special for Haley," Blake Wright, Cardinal HS senior said. "I think it says a lot about our students and everything and the school."

"It was awesome actually," Lea Ostrander, prom queen nominee said. "I wanted her to win. I voted for her. I personally, not to sound bad or anything, but I didn't want to win because I wanted her to win so bad. I just thought it was special and it would be special for her."

"I teared up, started crying. I was happy and I mean just a good thing," Josh Miller, Cardinal HS senior said.

Superintendent Joel Pedersen said this was perhaps his proudest moment at Cardinal.