Cardinal students learn about agriculture during Ag-Day 2012

For over 10 years, the community has come together at Cardinal Elementary School in Eldon, Iowa to celebrate Ag-Day, and Friday was no different.

Farmers from around the area and FFA members from Cardinal High School brought out their tractors and livestock to teach the elementary students the importance of agriculture to the community.

â??Itâ??s a good experience for the kids to see different animals that are on the farm, and the different tractors, equipment and other things such as mowers,â?? said Priscilla Giltner, a teacher at Cardinal Elementary School.

Local farmer Chuck Yeager brought out some of his equipment that he uses on his farm to educate the students about the importance of farming.

â??This is a great day here because we get to teach the kids about agriculture and we have got everything here from tractors to lawn mowers to four wheelers. We have got a corn planter and livestock. Hopefully we can teach the students the importance of agriculture to them and their community,â?? said Yeager.

Nathan Yeager, whose father is farmer, told KTVO that he enjoys teaching the younger students about farming.

â??We show the kids what happens on and around the area on the farms. We show them what type of equipment we use, and what animals we take care of,â?? said Yeager.

Many of the students in the FFA program at Cardinal High School told KTVO Friday that they will be competing in the local county fairs this summer.

Barbara, along with Charles, have participated in the Ag-Day since it began. Both know the importance of teaching the younger generation about agriculture.

â??Even though this is a rural school, lots of kids here donâ??t know or have not seen a tractor up-close. They have not seen animals up-close, and this is a way that they learn about them, so that if they do have the opportunity to be up-close to animals, they know how to react towards them and not run up to them and treat them like they are a pet,â?? said Barbara.

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