Cardinal students participate in Iowa design competition

A team of five students from Cardinal High School are participating in Iowa's i-Geek School Design competition. Two seniors, two juniors and a sophomore were chosen to work on redesigning the school's lounge. The winner of the contest gets $1,000 for their school.

The students were in Ottumwa Friday working with various professionals to coordinate their ideas.

"It's just good real-life experience, being in a leadership position and making decisions that will affect the group as a whole and not just what you think is best for you," said senior Ellen Peters.

"I think the hardest part so far is just working together and having the same ideas, not all ideas everybody is going to like, but you just got to get through it together," added junior Logan Rachford.

The students decided the lounge needs new tables to be a better study area, as well as a redesigned trophy case. The group said they may also present their plans to the Cardinal School Board and bring their designs to life later in the year.