Cardinal's school nurse honored as one of 100 Great Iowa Nurses

Cardinal staff celebrated school nurse Angela Maeder Friday.

Cardinal's school nurse was dealt a welcome surprise Friday morning.

Angela Maeder was called to the middle school cafeteria for a staff injury, but instead of treating a rolled ankle, she was surprised by her family and colleagues. The group gathered to congratulate her on being chosen as one of Iowa's 100 Great Nurses.

About ten members of Cardinal's staff nominated Maeder for this honor. Her colleagues kept the secret and her husband Dan, superintendent at Davis County School District, grabbed the announcement in the mail before Angela could see it, keeping the award a complete surprise.

And "surprise" was the only word Angela could use to describe seeing her friends and co-workers after walking in the door.

"It means so much," Maeder said. "And it helps when you have your colleagues support you. Mr. Pedersen is the best leader and we're like a family at Cardinal."

Maeder said she went back to school to be a nurse as an adult and the best part of her job is taking care of the kids.

"I love to come to work, you know, I have the support of all the staff and I just love it, Cardinal's a wonderful place," she said.

Maeder also thanked her family for all their support.

Nurses who are selected for this award show a concern for humanity, give a contribution to the nursing profession and demonstrate leadership and mentoring. Maeder will be honored alongside the other 99 nurses on May 4 in Des Moines.