Carjacking teens foiled by elderly vet

Cameron J. Edwards, 19, of Mount Pleasant

Two Heartland teens find themselves facing felony charges after a failed car-jacking attempt in Wisconsin.

Cameron J. Edwards, 19, of Mount Pleasant, Iowa, and Jenna M. Shaw, 19, of New London, Iowa, approached Alex Weber, 75, in Somers, Wisconsin Tuesday morning, telling him they were out of gas.

Weber told a 911 operator what happened next.

â??Young couple stopped said they needed gas so I was giving them gas. This guy came up behind me and put a tire wrench around my neck said he was going to choke me if I didn't give him the keys to my car,â?? Weber said.

Weber managed to fight off the assault.

Cameron and Shaw were arrested at a nearby Wal-Mart a few hours later.

Cameron had to be hit with a Taser before being taken into custody.

Both Cameron and Shaw face carjacking and assault charges.

The carjacking charge along carries a penalty of up to 40 years in prison and a $100,000 fine.

But Cameron and Shaw may be lucky to escape with that.

Since both have criminal records in Iowa, the Wisconsin law repeat offender law allows the penalty to be increased.

The two remain in custody in Kenosha County on cash-only bonds in excess of $100,000.

Press Release from Kenosha County Sheriff's Department.


Today at 0907 hrs deputies responded to what now appears to have been an attempted carjacking. The suspects are in custody and the details are being sorted out.

A male and female,pulled into the driveway of Alex Weber (75 years old) at 6501 18th St Kenosha (Town of Somers). They ask Mr. Weber if he can help them because they are out of gas. Mr. Weber agrees and drives them to the Kwik Trip gas station at 39th Ave and Washington Rd. in Kenosha. The suspects do not exit the car. Mr. Weber takes the keys out of the ignition of his car while he is pumping gas into a gas can for them. They return to Weberâ??s driveway. While Mr. Weber is pouring the gas into the suspectsâ?? car, the male suspect tries to choke Weber with a tire iron. The male is yelling to the female to â??get the keysâ??. Weber is able to fight off the attack and did not relinquish his keys. The suspects flee in their own vehicle (a black Saturn). Weber then callâ??s 9-1-1, but the call is disconnected. Deputies are dispatched (as with all 9-1-1 hang ups) and the dispatch center re-establishes contact with Weber.

Deputies checked the area for the fleeing vehicle. Deputies located the vehicle in the Wal-Mart parking lot. A perimeter around the store was established with the help of The Kenosha Police Department. Deputies were then able to locate the suspects inside the Wal-Mart store with the help of Wal-Mart Security. The suspects then attempted to flee on foot inside Wal-Mart. The female was caught and apprehended. An electronic control device (Taser) was deployed and used to take the male into custody.

The suspects have been transported to the Kenosha County Sheriffâ??s Department Detective Bureau, where they are being interviewed. The male suspect is identified as Cameron J Edwards, 19, Mount Pleasant, IA. The female suspect is identified as Jenna M. Shaw, 19, New London, IA. Their pictures are attached. Both suspects are on probation in Iowa. Detectives are in contact with Iowa Probation and Parole in order to see if warrants issued by Iowa Probation and Parole will be extraditable.

Sheriff Beth said, â??It is unfortunate that anyone would try to take advantage of someone offering to help. It sounds like these two criminals picked on the wrong person. Mr. Weber showed them they should not have come to Kenosha County to commit this crime.â??

It is expected the suspects will be booked into the Kenosha County Jail for Attempted Robbery in the coming hours.