Cartoonists...yesterday and today

KTVO'S Vanessa Alonso went into the world of cartooning during her most recent trip to Walt Disney's childhood town of Marceline.

Marcelineâ?¦a small town in northeast Missouri where the famous Walt Disney came up with the idea and dream of making a cartoon mouse named Mickey. Almost a century later Disney has become one of the most well known cartoonists on the planet and an inspiration for some kids to draw and become todayâ??s successful cartoonists.

â??I looked at Walt Disney as someone who made the world a nicer place. Mickey Mouse, Goofy and all those charactersâ?¦they meant the world to me. Iâ??m a Disney Kid,â?? said Cartoonist Guy GilchristGuy Gilchrist.

â??Disney was one of the big inspirations, but mostly it was comic strips and Mad Magazine,â?? said Cartoonist Jeff Parker.

Gilchrist and Parker were just recently acknowledged for their hard work in the cartooning and animation industry at this yearâ??s Toonfest. They said there is more to cartooning than just thinking and creativity.

â??Coming up with the ideas is the hardest part of the job. I always think of it as a blessing and a curse because sometimes you want to pull your hair out trying to come up with something,â?? Parker said.

â??You have nothing to draw if you have nothing to draw about so itâ??s really the writing of it that is the most important part. The drawing you can always do but the writing is the key,â?? Gilchrist said.

But at the end of the day all the hard work they put into cartoons makes it all worth it.

â??Itâ??s just the coolest job in the world. You get to make people smile that Iâ??ll never get a chance to meet all around the world. How you could you ever ask for anything cooler,â?? Gilchrist said.

â??It excites us and makes us laugh. When you do hit it out of the park, itâ??s the greatest feeling in the world,â?? Parker said.

For you kids out there who are about making cartooning as a career such as Disney, these artists have some words of wisdom to share with you.

â??Work very hard at trying to draw the best that you can,â?? Gilchrist said.

â??I always tell kids to read as much as the can and draw as much as they can,â?? Parker said.

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