Cat lovers be aware of Bobcat Fever

Bobcat Fever can be deadly for cats.

It's tick season here in both Missouri and Iowa and veterinarians want cat owners to be aware of a tick blood disease.

The disease known as "Bobcat Fever" is transmitted to cats by ticks who recently were on a bobcat. The tick bites the cat causing the illness to go into the bloodstream attacking their red blood cells.

Bobcat fever often results in death for cats. That's why veterinarians say tick prevention is very important.

"How the cats get it are from the ticks. So if you can keep the ticks off from the cats or keep ticks out of the house. It will help the kitty cat not get bit," said Shena Tallman, D.V.M. from Lindquist Veterinary Care Center.

Veterinarians suggest using flea and tick prevention products every 30 days and limit outdoor use for your cats.

Tick season usually runs from April to September.