Cause behind loud boom still a mystery

Some residents in Ottumwa have been hearing some interesting noises in the past couple of weeks.

Ottumwa residents have been posting their concerns on Facebook trying to figure out what could be causing the loud booms.

KTVO decided to see what people had to say, and here are some of the comments we got.

Jean said, "I live 30 miles away from Ottumwa and it happened at my mom's house two weeks ago around 9 pm. It sounded like a bomb went off, it shook my house, nick knacks moved. I have lived in this area 54 years. It has never happened before. Someone needs to find out what it is."

Another comment reads, "I remember this same discussion last year and there was a scientific reason for it having to do with the ground reaching certain low temperatures."

And one Ottumwa resident told us the noises are indescribable.

"It's just so unexplainable because everybody throughout town has been hearing it, but yet there's some people that live two or three blocks away that don't hear a thing," said Ottumwa resident, Dana Jones.

Some people are saying the noises are caused by the cold, something called frost quakes, and others say it could be a sonic boom.

For now, it's a mystery yet to be solved.