Cause determined in El Rancho Grande Fire

The ongoing investigation into the fire at El Rancho Grande has determined a cause for the blaze.

A bad light-bulb triggered the fire at the restaurant located at Main and Jefferson Streets in Downtown Ottumwa. The flames started in the basement and went to the top floor. It took nearly three hours for crews to put the fire out. Police and firefighters have been investigating the scene all week.

"When we rolled up on the fire, we knew that it probably started in the basement," Ottumwa Fire Department Chief Tony Miller said. "There was a light bulb in the basement that went bad. The fixture, that's what started the fire. It was an electrical fire due to the light bulb in the basement."

Chief Miller said concrete barriers have been placed around the building because the structure is unstable, and they don't want anyone getting hurt.or trying to walk around the premises. What remains of the restaurant will be torn down as soon as possible.

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Cause determined in El Rancho Grande Fire