Cell phones: Easy target for identity theft

It's one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States--identity theft.

And for cyber crimes your devices make online theft just a click or touch away.

Cell phones and laptops are now part of our daily lives; these devices allow thieves easy access to personal information.

Jennifer Anderson, a local computer consultant, says you should maintain physical control of your phone at all times.

"Its really, really important that you don't save any PIN numbers, passwords, or anything online," Anderson said. "Because anything online can be hacked into and stolen. Your identity, your money and your bank account especially."

According the FBI, identity theft is nothing new, but thanks to online elements scams have become more sophisticated.

Here's what the FBI recommends:

1. Do your homework. Make sure you know the features of your device, including default settings.

2. Do not connect your device to unknown wireless networks. Some networks capture information passed between your device and a legitimate server.

3. Avoid clicking or downloading software from unknown sources.

Anderson says there are several anti-virus apps you can download. She says typically the ones that have stars and best reviews on ratings are your safe app.

Anderson says protecting yourself is easy. Be smart and do not download anything suspicious.

Anderson recommends putting a password on your phone to ensure your identity is not stolen.