Cell phones for soldiers

A Kirksville woman is collecting old and unwanted cell phones.

Jan Watts says the cell phones will benefit troops who are fighting overseas. Once collected, the phones will be recycled and turned into calling cards for the troops. Watts says the calling cards are greatly needed and appreciated by those fighting.

A cell phone in any condition can be dropped off, and a charger for the phone is not required. Numerous phone drop-off locations are located in Kirksville and surrounding communities. The calling cards help those who are overseas stay in contact with loved ones back home.

"They are over there and it's just a great way of them communicating with their family. It means a lot to them and their family," said Jan Watts, who is collecting the phones.

Drop-off locations will be available to accept old phones for as long as our military personnel are overseas. Phones can be dropped off at the following locations:

Cole Motor Sales and Cycles: 814 Bloomington Street, Bevier

Bank of Macon (Kirksville Division): 1512 North Missouri Street, Macon.

JP's Tux Tees & More & Corner Market: 101 Vine Street, Macon.

Pro-Tech Co: 2411 East Illinois Street, Kirksville.

Trustees Cycle Shop: West 24 Highway, Moberly.