Centerville Community Schools look ahead to future

Anthony Ryan, Superintendent of the Centerville CSD

Teachers, staff and students belonging to the Centerville Community School District began classes on Monday.

Anthony Ryan has been the districtâ??s superintendent for two years, and he is looking ahead to the future as students and facility begin the 2013-2014 school year.

â??As like in any year, we are going to be focusing on professional development, which focuses within best practices that carry over into the instructional environment in our classrooms, which in the end will improve student academics and test scores,â?? Ryan said.

Also being implemented this year is a new language arts and math curriculum.

â??The new text series weâ??ve adapted to, weâ??re starting with kindergarten through fifth grade ranges with continued conversation with the upper grade levels," Ryan said.

He says balancing the budget is a top priority.

â??Making sure we live within our means, but still provide the opportunities that students are entitled to for a quality education,â?? he said.

The Iowa Education Reform Bill also brings inevitable changes.

â??Itâ??s a bill with a philosophy of going in the proper direction to improve the educational environment to make Iowa a competitor within the global market,â?? the superintendent said.