Centerville mom speaks out about dangers of social networking sites

A southeast Iowa parent is getting the word out about the dangers of social networking sites, like Facebook and Twitter; this after her daughter recently encountered a situation where she was being solicited for sex and marriage.

"I have now started taking a picture of her everyday, so I know what she is wearing," said Angela Butcher.

For Butcher, things have changed.

"The internet has made a whole new world of opportunities for people," said Butcher.

Butcher has a right to be concerned. She recently discovered that her 15 year old daughter, who also has special needs, was being solicited for sex, and even marriage on Facebook.

"When you talk with her, you would be almost talking with her like she is five; that is how you would deal with her. She does not understand a lot of things, wrong from right, she can easily be persuaded," said Butcher.

Butcher says that she found out about the conversation when she was in her daughter's Facebook account recently, when she saw what was being said to her, she took action.

"I have contacted the local law authorities. I have shut-down the Facebook. I have taken away the keyboard and mouse to her computer," said Butcher.

For Butcher, she is hoping that she can alert other parents, so that they can make themselves available to their children.

"I think parents need to be aware and make themselves more open to their children, let their children be able to talk to them," said Butcher.