Centerville residents react to county attorney's suspension

Appanoose County Courthouse in Centerville

Centerville residents are beginning to react to the news that their county prosecutor, Richard Scott,

has been suspended

for allegedly neglecting to bring several cases to trial.

Many citizens said the suspension proves the bias in local government.

"He should be accountable for any mistakes he's made," said Centerville resident Shelley Leo. "Somebody should be finding out what the heck is going on. It's just amazing that somebody can - in that position - can just not show up for court or whatever. There's got to be a problem somewhere."

"I'd like to see them be aggressive on the whole thing. I don't know why the county attorney didn't do his job, but they need to just completely get rid of him, not give him a second chance," said Centerville resident Cal Pangburn. "If I don't do my job, I get fired. We're talking about prosecuting criminals. If I do something wrong, I go to jail. Why not everybody else? He needs to do his job or he needs to get gone. Period."

Leo said that the court system as a whole in Appanoose County is regularly unfair to those who pass through it, including her son.

"There's a lot of prejudice. People who had simple charges that should not have gotten into big trouble, got into big trouble," she said. "And people who have been repeatedly, repeatedly, arrested and they've gotten no time whatsoever."

One other woman KTVO spoke to said she is currently involved in several cases Scott brought against her, none of which she believes is fair.

In the meantime, Davis County attorney Rick Lynch has been assigned to handle Scott's office in the interim.

You can find the entire petition for suspension against Scott,

by clicking here