Centerville woman celebrates 100th birthday

Berniece Butler celebrated her 100th birthday Thursday afternoon in Centerville, Iowa. 

Friends and family from all across southeast Iowa gathered at the Drake Avenue Christian Church in Centerville to celebrate Berniece Butler’s 100th birthday.

Berniece currently lives alone in Centerville, but has no problem keeping herself busy. She’s an active participant in the Professional Business Women’s group and the Daughters in American Revolutions. Her most noteworthy achievement though, is being a poll clerk. Berniece Butler is the oldest precinct worker in Appanoose County. She’s been doing it for the past 35 years and turning 100 isn’t going to stop her. In fact, she will be at the polls again on September 12th for the local school election.

Despite her age, Berniece says she likes to stay active.

“I go to concerts and I do a lot of things that they don’t know,” Berniece said.

Her secret to living this long, she says is eating a vegetable and fruit every day.

“She had her hundred-thousand-mile checkup and she came out fine. She’s ready to go at least another 10,” said her eldest son Harry Butler.

Berniece drives herself wherever she wants and her eldest son Harry told us she’s always been strong and independent.

“She’s the hardest-headed old broad you ever met,” he said.
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