Chairman explains his vote at Planning and Zoning meeting

Countless people voiced their concerns in Wednesday night's Planning and Zoning Meeting at Kirksville's City Hall

The owner of a house on the corner of Normal and Baltimore Streets wants to use his house for a used furniture business.

After a crowded City Council Chambers Wednesday night, he is once step closer. Countless people voiced their concerns in opposition to not allow the owner to run a business there.

However, Thursday we spoke with the chairman of the Planning and Zoning Commission Mike LaBeth, and he tells us they voted in favor of the rezoning.

"I'm definitely pro business, I'm in business myself, so I care greatly about business in Kirksville, and we got that with him being able to have a business there, inside of the house," LaBeth said. "Most of the complaints were based around the outside goods he was trying to sale on the street."

LaBeth tells us the owner will have to sell inside his home, keeping both the neighbors and the business owner happy.

The Planning and Zoning Commission also discussed the construction of a cell phone tower being built in Kirksville.

The commission voted to turn down the idea to have a 195-ft cell phone tower built. The Cell Phone Communications Tower was to be constructed on North Cottage Grove Street, after getting the approval of a Special Use Permit for the construction.

However, in a 3-2 vote, with two abstaining, the commission opposed to have that tower built.

LaBeth tells us it's always good to have Kirksville citzens show up and let their voices be heard.

"Kellwood subdivision, where behind there they were wanting to put a 195ft cell phone tower up," LaBeth said. "Some concerns with the people opposed to doing that were the site of it, health risks in regard to radiation, and then just general safety."

Both decisions will now go to city council for their vote.

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