Chamber of Commerce hosts breakfast and state representatives

For 45 years, the Fairfield Chamber of Commerce has been holding a legislative breakfast where member of the community can speak one on one with their local representatives.

At the Best Western in Fairfield, Iowa Saturday morning, the tradition continued. Three state legislatures attended the event. Fairfield State Representative Curt Hanson, Keota Representative Jarad Klein and State Senator Sandy Greiner were all in attendance, answering questions and informing the public on how the session was going this year.

State Representative Curt Hanson was recently appointed to a sub-committee on Education. KTVO spoke with him about his concerns and what he has heard within that committee.

"We must improve our education. We must come up with a system that is globally competitive. At the same time, we must make it fair so we don't burden our small schools and the rural schools with problems urban schools have. And in the same way, we don't want to burden the urban schools with problems the rural schools have," said Hanson.

Two more sessions will be held in the coming months. One on February 18th and one on March 17th. Both meetings will be held at the Best Western in Fairfield, Iowa.