Changes could be coming to solid waste districts

MGN photo of a landfill

Senate Bill 13 seeks to eliminate the solid waste districts in the state of Missouri according to Solid Waste Coordinator Sue Morton.

There are 20 solid waste districts throughout the state and they are under the umbrella of Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The districts reduce the amount of items that go into landfills and with no solid waste districts, the DNR would have control over the money that is collected for grants.

â??We feel like we know our area and our needs best,â?? Morton said. â??If Senate Bill 13 does go through and the program does get changed what we expect to see is there will be fewer grants given and maybe larger grants as oppose to the 200 small grants in the state that help the small recycling industries survive. We'll be possibly seeing larger grants to fund larger businesses and corporations.â??

Morton said you should contact your lawmakers if you want to voice your opinion.