Changes to Cable One

On December 31, 2011 Cable One dropped WGEM and KCTV from their programming.

"We were unable to reach acceptable terms for continual coverage and as a result if you don't reach an agreement by midnight of December 31, we got to take the channels off," said General Manager of Cable One Greg Capranica.

KTVO has heard many complaints and concerns from around the Heartland and we are hearing you loud and clear.

Carol Kellum, KTVO President and CEO says she understand the confusion and the dissatisfaction of Cable One viewers, but promises KTVO will continue to provide CBS programming to the Heartland.

"KTVO added the CBS affiliate awhile back. It gave viewers an option that they could have a full option in the market and outside the community," Kellum said.

KTVO has you and your family covered on all angles for detecting severe weather.

"With our new weather system, we now have the capability of tracking storms with more accuracy and precision. We can introduce the public when severe weather will strike and how it will affect them," said Chief Meteorologist Teresa Carter.

Chief fans across Northeast Missouri and Iowa are also showing concerns about losing the ability to watch the Kansas City Chiefs now that KCTV is no longer being provided.

Good news Chief Nation! The Chiefs return to CBS in 2012.

Cable One is also working on a way to provide a high definition NBC station so the Heartland can watch Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis, Indiana in high definition.

KTVO and DIRECTV are also working together to provide service by the end of 2012.