Changes to hunter education program

Just recently, some changes were made to the Hunter's Education program.

If you plan to hunt during Missouri's fall firearms deer season, you must complete an approved hunter education course.

Just recently, some changes were made to the program. Originally, hunters education participants had to sit through a 10-hour class to get their hunter education certification, but thanks to the change, part of the course can now be done online, requiring less time in a classroom setting.

"I believe it's a way better program because it's more hands on, students from eleven up have the opportunity to handle the fire arms in the classroom," said outdoor skills specialist Rob Garver. "There are inert firearms and ammunition where they can load and unload and learn all those different steps."

Garver says anyone who wants to hunt should take this course.

He says the course reduces hunting accidents and deaths by more than 70-percent.

Garver told us it also provides the foundation in hunting safety and ethics and encourages interaction between beginner and veteran hunters.