Changes to Iowa Rent Reimbursement form

It is that time of the year to start thinking about the Iowa Rent Reimbursement Program for all those that qualify.

The Seneca Area Agency on Aging suggests gathering up your information now.

Through the program, those that qualify can receive partial rent paid back to them through the State Department of Revenue.

This yearâ??s forms are different than years past, actually making it easier on the applicant. Applicants will not have to calculate their own rent reimbursement; the State Department of Revenue will do it.

Those at Seneca told KTVO that a lot of people take advantage of the beneficial program.

â??And even in a nursing home check for what the rules are because even if youâ??re in a skilled care facility or a nursing facility you might be able to get some rent reimbursement back so check on those rules,â?? said Joan Nydle, Family Caregiver Specialist at Seneca.

If you have been in the program before and lived in Iowa, expect to receive the form through the mail the first part of January. If you have not been in the program before, the blank applications will not be ready until January 14.


1. You lived in Iowa all or part of 2012, and live in Iowa now, and

2. Your household income is less than $21,335, and

3. The rental unit you lived in is subject to property tax, and

4. You (or your spouse) were born before 1948, or

5. You (or your spouse) were age 18 to 64 as of December 31, 2012 and totally disabled. Totally disabled means you are unable to get a job paying more than $1,010 per month due to a physical or mental disability which has lasted, or is expected to last for at least one year. Proof of disability must be attached to your claim.

Married couples living together are considered one household and can file only one claim, combining both incomes. If they do not live together, they may file separate claims. Other persons living together who qualify for a reimbursement may each file a claim based on their income and share of rent paid.

If you lived in a nursing home or care facility, contact the administrator for the amount to enter on line C, Title 19 benefits. Or, enter 20% of benefits if living in a nursing home, or 40% if living in a care facility.