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      'Chariton River Raft Race' song gets national attention

      Lane T. Eitel comes back to Kirksville to visit and heâ??s got 30 year old memories with him.

      â??I'm thinking oh my gosh. This is a song here, so I took my McDonald's sack and ripped it in two and I got a pen and I'm writing down all these words and next thing you know, I'm home,â?? said Eitel.

      It's a celebration that Lane T. Eitel speaks of. A celebration turned song. A song rooted in a clean, country style good time.

      â??There was live music and all kinds of food. Of course the invention of the raft race was endless,â?? said Eitel.

      The Chariton River Raft Race is an event unique to Northeast Missouri involving home-built rafts of great imagination.

      â??All of the boats and all the pretty girls in bikini tops and that kind of thing. It went down to Yarrow and that's where it all ended,â?? said Eitel.

      So after gathering a small band and hitting the studio to record, Eitel says the rest is history.

      â??People just started sending me emails, they started calling and sending me pictures. I learned more about the Chariton River from this idea and I grew up here,â?? said Eitel.

      â??After I heard the finished product, I thought it had potential. I thought it could get really popular if it gets in the hands of the right people,â?? said Mike Vande.

      With play time in areas like L.A. and New York, popular is just the word to describe this hit.

      Click here to download a copy of the song.