Chef Duane Wood makes Lard Can Dinner

Lard Can Dinner

1-Lard can-available at most hardware stores

12-14 medium size to lare red skin potatoes-leave skin on

12 short ears of frozen corn

2 lb. bag of carrots-whole

4 large white onions-peeled and left whole

4 large green bell peppers-cored and halved

8 bone in chicken breasts

8 bone in pork chops

2-3 lbs. polish kielbasa-cut into 2"-3" lengths

Clean lard can and poke 10-15 holes in the can lid

Season each layer with salt and pepper as you go

Place potatoets in the bottom of can-add approx. 1 quart of water

Add short ears of frozen corn

Add whole carrots

Add whole onions and bell peppers

Layer chicken breast next-salt and pepper

Layer pork chops next

Add polish kielbasa

Place lid on can and cook on stove top on high until steam starts coming through the holes in the lid of the container. Lower heat until you're able to continue to see a faint stream of steam coming up through the holes. Usually about an hour after the meal starts boiling.