Chefs race to beat the clock

One of the delicious dishes prepared at the Iron Chefs Competition

More than 35 southeast Iowa high school students participated in Indian Hills Community Collegeâ??s Iron Chef Competition on Friday.

The kitchen was hot as each team was racing the clock to perfect the taste and presentation of their dishes being served to the judges.

â??It's procuring the pieces of local produce, talking to the local growers, finding out whatâ??s all available within our local food belt,â?? said Marjorie Beckman, Mt. Pleasant High School culinary arts teacher.

Many of the high school students involved in the competition said they are planning on continuing their culinary arts education into college.

â??Cooking just comes as a skill to me. Like itâ??s just free. It comes easy,â?? said Raenna, Mt. Pleasant High School student.

â??Cooking is one of those things that anyone can learn as long as they are willing to and have the determination to,â?? said Dillyn, Mt. Pleasant High School student.

The judges had the daunting task of trying all the delicious dishes prepared. One of them even said one of the duck dishes was better than one she had in Paris.

Scholarships for IHCC Culinary Arts Program were given out to those that showed exemplary shills.