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      Cheyenna Ames: Fighting a severe illness with remarkable strength

      She's a 15-year-old girl with matchless strength and her illuminating spirit is infectious.

      Andie Sumpter, a friend of Cheyenna tells us she's is a trooper.

      "I think that's really important for her and her relationship with God," Sumpter said. "She's a really sweet girl, she's really funny too. She's just really easy to love."

      Cheyenna Ames is a freshmen a Moberly High School who splits time between her home and the Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center in St. Louis.

      Chey has been battling a severe case of cystic fibrosis. It's an inherited chronic disease that affects her lungs and digestive system, but she's not letting it effect her life.

      Ashlynn Freeman, a freshman at Moberly High School and a friend of Chey said at first Chey was scared to get herself out there because of her illness, but now she stands bold in it.

      "Actually I think it has helped her go really far in life," Freeman said. "Because me personally, she has strengthened me so much. Like she's the one I can go to and she just motivates me."

      Chey's friend's tell us what started as a normal social network push has gone viral. It's all to support and bring awareness to Chey's type of fibrosis, in which a 1,000 new cases in the United States are diagnosed each year.

      "This kind started with my church and I was able to carry it on to the high school," Sumpter said. "I think her relationship with God and our church and everything kind of gets her through everything that she's been through."

      Chey is going to the Taylor Swift concert in St. Louis and wants to meet her.

      For the past few weeks, Twitter has been flooded with the hashtag #CheyForTaylor.

      Moberly High School Principal Aaron Witt said Cheyenna is a strong young lady.

      "I think that one of the big things I've seen with Cheyenna is what a strong young lady she is," Vitt said. "I mean she is faced with something that most of us, we couldn't fathom."

      There's one more special thing about Chey, back in April she was told she needed a lung transplant to live, but she turned down the transplant and said whenever God calls her home it will be of his will.

      The support for Chey has spread across Missouri including the Kirksville area and even over seas.

      Doctors told Chey she had only 6 months to live, and today she's lived almost a year past that.

      "A strong, strong young lady, its neat when we do have her in the building, she's go a neat personality," Vitt said. "Little times you see a group of kids cluster together with their #cheyfortaylor signs snapping a picture. Then later in the day it'll be posted to Twitter, Facebook or any other social media outlets."

      Cheyenna Ames, a teenager full of life, full of happiness, and full of faith that will continue to grow. #CheyForTaylor