Chief Wapello goes on tour

This is the scene when Chief Wapello took his tumble from atop the Wapello County Courthouse

We all remember when Chief Wapello took a tumble from atop the Wapello County Courthouse; well now heâ??s on tour.

Saturday afternoon he was at the American Gothic House in Eldon for people to see just how big the statue really is. And what many people said was that they couldnâ??t believe how big he actually is.

Wapello County Supervisor Jerry Parker said that the Chief will continue on with his tour.

â??After the Oktoberfest Parade, we're shipping him to Omaha. Thereâ??s a company there that does historical renovations. They also do it for the state of Iowa. Thatâ??s why we picked them and they're going to do the work to renovate him so that we can put him back on the courthouse in spring,â?? said Parker.

It was a busy day at the Gothic House, as there also was a volunteer appreciation potluck dinner gong on for the more than 30 volunteers that help make the American Gothic House possible.

Administrator Holly Berg said she is very thankful for all the hard work her volunteers do.