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      Chief Wapello nears return to top of Wapello County Courthouse

      After an almost two-year hiatus from his perch on top of the Wapello County Courthouse, Chief Wapello may soon be making the transition from the courthouse lobby back to his usual home.

      The harsh winter weather has played a factor in the delay of getting the Chief back on top of the courthouse.

      The city is waiting for a weather report that predicts three or four warm days in a row to begin the project.

      "We just appreciate everybody's patience," said Wapello County Board of Supervisors member Steve Siegel. "It was nice to have him downstairs so everybody could get a good close-up look at him, but I think we're ready to get him back up now, and that's our plan."

      Wingers in Ottumwa will be working along side the contractor from Omaha, Nebraska who performed the initial renovations on the chief.

      One of the biggest issues has been fastening the pipe that runs from the chief's head to three-feet past his toes into the pipe on the courthouse roof that holds him up.

      If all goes according to plan, the Chief could make a return atop the courthouse in the next month or two.