Child enticement warning issued by Appanoose County Sheriff's Office

The Appanoose County Sheriffâ??s Office is investigating the report of a 12-year-old girl being approached by a suspicious male in Moravia, Iowa Thursday.

The girl reported that she was walking on North Brandon Street in Moravia around 1 p.m. when a white male driving a black SUV stopped and asked if she needed a ride.

The girl ran between residential homes and did not speak to the driver. The driver of the SUV left the area without further contact with the child.

The vehicle is described as a shiny black SUV. The driver is described as a white male, 30 years of age, dark colored hair, unshaven, short trimmed beard, larger build, with a scar on the left cheek from the edge of the mouth to the chin area.

The Appanoose County Sheriffâ??s Office is requesting that anyone with information about the vehicle or driver to contact the Sheriffâ??s Office at (641) 437-7100.

Parents are also encouraged to speak with the children about appropriate actions when being approached by anyone the child does not know.