Childhood Immunizations

As children across the heartland head back to school, school nurses are busy reconciling immunization records for their students.

A good number of students will likely be sent to the doctorâ??s office for updates on immunizations.

Dr. Justin Puckett from Complete Family Medicine broke it down for us on Good Morning Heartland.

So letâ??s start with Kindergarteners and work up, whatâ??s required for those entering school for the first time?

  • All childhood vaccinations up to date

  • 5th dTap

  • 4th Polio

  • 2nd MMR

  • 2nd Varicella

After their kindergarten shots, when would a student need another immunization visit?

  • Yearly for their flu shot

  • Any catch up vaccinations (Hep A, second Varicella)

So, if they are all up to speed on those, when would the next regular immunization visit be?

  • At 11-12 years

  • tdap

  • HPV

  • Meningococcal

And then after that?

  • Only one more visit for a Meningococcal booster at age 16

  • And donâ??t forget the flu shot each year.

The HPV vaccine is now recommended in girls AND boys, tell us more about that.

  • HPV is the viral infection that can cause genital warts and infections leading to cancer

  • Can cause a wide range of female cancers, including cervical. Also causes penile cancers, although rare

  • Boys are being vaccinated as a way of increasing herd immunity, as sexually active males are the source of transmission

  • Nearly 90 percent of sexually active college students, in one larger study, tested positive for HPV infection during their college years, so it is no rare infection

Some students got shots when going to college, is that still required?

  • Nope, not if they are current on the previous shots. The one we often miss is the HPV and the Meningitis on or after our 16th birthday. And of course, the yearly flu shot is recommended.

What is the outlook for this year's flu seaon?

  • Flu vaccination will start in just a few months

  • New vaccines, subdermal and quadrivalent vaccine

  • Sooner the better

  • All ages 6 months and up should be vaccinated!

Where can parents get the recommended vaccines?

  • Their doctors office

  • The health department

  • Pharmacies

  • Worksite

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