Childhood obesity linked to overall academic performance

For Mondayâ??s â??Facebook Story of the Dayâ?? Facebook users wanted to know if obesity in children can affect their overall academic performance.

According to the American Heart Association, one in three children and teens are overweight or obese.

And yes, being obese can potentially affect a childâ??s academic performance.

â??Depression can set in. And with depression it's a little harder to think clearly. Some of the reality orientation is not there. And we really don't want to put all of our kids on meds for depression, diabetes, high blood pressure. So I think we all need to take a strong look and letâ??s take control of the weight of our children in this world,â?? said Lynelle Diers, Clinical Director of Wapello County Public Health.

However, changing your childâ??s diet a little at a time can affect them both physically and mentally.

â??If you eat a high sugar breakfast, your blood sugars going to drop about the middle of the morning and therefore is going to make you really tired and more inattentive -- where if you have a healthier breakfast with fruits and vegetables and fiber and protein you're going to be more alert through the morning hours,â?? said Diers.

Diers said parents should not blame themselves for their childâ??s obesity but to take this as an opportunity to help them develop a healthy lifestyle.