Childhood obesity on the rise

New studies show that childhood obesity is on the rise.

Experts say overweight teens increase their risk of weight related issues as an adult.

However, the next step to a healthy lifestyle is easier than you think.

Aside from the most common solutions of exercise and dieting, doctors recommend portion control.

Setting food away from the dinner table will help lessen additional helpings. Itâ??s also important to remember that it takes twenty minutes for your brain to tell when youâ??re full.

â??Same thing as with us adults, itâ??s just a lifestyle change, itâ??s just tweaking this a little bit and making sure that a healthy lifestyle will curve that and then itâ??s not a matter of weight itâ??s a matter of getting healthy and it becomes something thatâ??s present from childhood on,â?? said Dr. Justin Puckett of Complete Family Medicine.

Being overweight is not only an issue for the teen but for the whole family. Adjusting to a healthier lifestyle will be easier for the teen if they feel supported.