Child's memory lands mother behind bars

Kristina Kennedy-Maroney, 23, is accused of trying to kill her child in 2009.

The memory of a three-year-old child helps land her mother behind bars facing attempted murder charges.

Kristina Kennedy-Maroney, 23, formerly of Centerville, is charged with two counts of attempted murder and two misdemeanor counts of child endangerment.

Centerville Police Chief Tom Demry told KTVO the alleged incidents happened in September 2009 when Kennedy-Maroney was living in Centerville.

It's alleged the woman held the 5- to 6-month-old girl's face under water for three seconds in bathroom of the family's Centerville apartment in one incident and held a pillow over the childâ??s face for approximately 10 seconds during the second incident.

Demry said the investigation began in January when the child was living with relatives in New York. The girl allegedly told the family members about the incidents.

The family members told New York authorities, who then called police in Hicksville, Ohio, where Kennedy-Maroney is currently living. Demry says the mother admitted what happened when questioned by police in Hicksville.

Centerville police said Kennedy-Maroney told the Ohio investigator that she attempted to kill the girl because she would not quit crying and because her fiance would not help her with the child.

Kennedy-Maroney is being held in the Appanoose County Jail on $60,000 cash-only bond.