Chillicothe bridge project now complete

The Chillicothe Bridge is now complete.

After a very long process, the Chillicothe Bridge project is complete. The bridge was nearly finished last year, but crews had to wait to lay down the asphalt, which has now been done.

Now, work will begin on Rock Bluff Road, which runs from Chillicothe to south Ottumwa. There's a seven-mile stretch of the road that needs to be repaved, but the entire project from start to finish will probably take a little while to complete.

"They did an archeological study on it and discovered some old artifacts, so we're going to have to move the road maybe 30 feet in some places," said Steve Siegel, of the Wapello County Board of Supervisors. "So that'll push us back another year. We'll spend 2014 buying right of way, but 2015 we should begin actual work on the project."

Siegel said the board of supervisors heard from the public at a board meeting last week, and though nobody was opposed to the project, they did have concerns about being informed about what is going on, which Siegel said has now been solved.

As for the Chillicothe Bridge, about half the funds for the project came from an I-Jobs grant, and looking back, Siegel said he's not sure the project would have been completed without those funds.