Chive On Iowa presents check to Ottumwa boy with rare heart condition

Roger Wedlake is like your normal four-year-old boy. He's always active and never seems to slow down.

However, unlike a normal four-year-old, he's suffering from a rare heart condition.

"He was born with a heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome," said his mother Shana Berry. "He was born without half a heart. It's missing the left side completely--it just never grew."

Roger has had five heart surgeries for his heart defect. He had surgeries at 17 days old and four months old and didn't have any issues until August of this year.

That's when he had what was supposed to be his last surgery--it didn't work.

"So they did another surgery the next day to help make it work and it didn't work either," said Berry. "So he was on life support for two-and-a-half weeks basically to help make sure his body kind of gained some strength to take down the surgery they just did."

The non-profit organization Chive On Iowa caught on to Roger's story and thought he'd be the perfect candidate to raise money for.

The group got a band together and held a benefit concert for Roger.

"It's just awesome to see all the people come from everywhere--even we had out-of-staters that wanted to come and show their support," said Chive On Iowa Co-Found Jacob Lewis. "So it's really great to see and really great to be a part of."

Through their fundraising efforts, Chive On Iowa presented Roger with a $5,000 check on Saturday.

Roger is currently scheduled to be placed on the heart transplant list in about a year.

And it appears not even a rare heart defect can slow the four-year-old down.

"He's a rock star," said Berry. "You'd never know looking at him that he's went through so much in his little life that it's just amazing and a blessing to us, and he just fights every day.

A Facebook page entitled Rogerlivinglifewithhlhs has been set up to further explain his story.